Thursday, January 25, 2007

Swindon's Own Fame Academy To Be Built At A Bargain Price

The town's Schools Organisation Committee last night voted to build the Headlands Academy in the town on the site of the current Headlands Secondary School.

Despite huge opposition from councillors, parents and even teachers that this is a huge, untested gamble with Swindon's children's education, the Education Department of the Council have got their way. Of course they need the money to build the thing first.

The price you might ask?

To build a fab new shiny academy?

A mere £35million.

So, the building work will....Hold On One New York Minute!

'A mere £35 million', for an academy? A SCHOOL!

You could build about a dozen decent smaller schools all over town for that much, or rebuild a couple of leisure centres.

Or a light-rail system, a couple of care homes, build a huge civic centre, invest in an arts programme.

But our local authority has decided to build ONE school, ONE!

Well if it is built, it'll probably be the country's most expensive school.

One things for sure, for that price the school dinners won't get moaned at by Jamie Oliver.

For that much they should get four courses and wine, the students that is.

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