Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Swindon To Merge With Reading ; Signmakers Shares Rise On Announcement

With the news from the National Archives at Kew that Britain considered a merger with France in the 1950s, a story which we're following tonight has remarkable similarities.

Senior members of the business community in Swindon say that the local government of Reading and Swindon are agreeing on the small print in the last stages of a deal to merge both towns.

With both towns losing out in the 'small provincial towns in the south with high employment and hi-tech firms but mediocre town centre' catergory to other hip young places such as Peterborough and Guildford, a merger was deemed the most effective solution.

'' Legally, both towns don't need to ballot or even consult their citizens. I don't really mind what happens, as I live in Chippenham '' , that comment by Norm Orkin, local-ish regional government constitutional expert.

Swindon Centric is going to bring you the very latest on this as we get it. Some residents are worried they may be made homeless, their houses being knocked down and moved toward Reading. Others have suggested it could lead to a great big town that has a virtual monopoly on the 'small towns' market, limiting competition.

Councillor Curtis from Reading South has suggested the new name for the merged town be Reading since there are less letters in Reading than Swindon. It was later pointed out by Councillor White from Swindon West that both towns have the same number of letters and that Curtis was a fool for suggesting such an idea. Councillor White waded further into the naming debate by saying the name should include the same number of vowels and consonants as both names have when you take into account the mean average.

Although media should remain impartial, Swindon Centric must voice concerns that it fears for its own future, we may even have to change our name. And this domain name wasn't easy to get.

Since both places have the letters 'i' and 'n', this blog suggests the new name could be 'Nining'

Nining Centric, hmm, lets see if anyones got that registered. Bet no-one's cybersquatted on that yet.

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Andrew said...

The Daily Redtop is calling it a Sweading of equals