Saturday, February 03, 2007

Swindon's Debt Firms Could Go Into The Red As Business Slows

At least three of Swindon's four money lenders advice companies could be at risk of going under unless more business comes through it's doors in the next few weeks.

'' Our busy period is usually January, with people heavily in debt after the Christmas debt season. We took on more staff to cope with demand, but trade has been slow, then yesterday was the first day most people have been paid this year and it just got worse.'' That quote from Mary Horne, 35, Manager of Red Line Debt Consolidate based in John Street.

There was a piece of good news in all this, those financial companies effected say that if they have to layoff staff, they will end up unable to pay their mortgages and be threatened with repossession, thus companies like Red Line will be where ex-employees turn to for help.

It remained unconfirmed whether Red Line was offering a ' 2 for the price of 1' on personal insolvencies sale today, until business picks up to encourage those usual frugal consumers in town to go mad and max out some cards to get the ball rolling for the town's loan shark and debt recovery industries.

Swindon Centric Says ; We're gonna need a bigger credit limit!

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