Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Councillors Warned Of Public Punishment If Promises Broken

A ballot carried out among five thousand people in Swindon has led to an interesting warning to the town's elected officials.

The result comes after three teenagers in Lyneham were given a public punishment, to scub off the graffiti they'd sprayed on a church in the town.

The resolution passed allows elected councillors to be placed in stocks at five entranceways to the town centre and have rotten soft fruit (fair trade and organic only) pelted at them.

'' I think it's a great idea, I mum was once really annoyed that my brother had forgotten to bring back her dry-cleaned dress for my wedding, my Mum chased him down Queens Drive with a rolling pin, he learned his lesson, this could work too.'' That comment from Zoe Clifford, 28, of Springfield Gardens, Lawns.

Rumours that the council are looking tonight at changing the '50 Promises' into ' 50 Aspirations We'd Like To Do' to prevent punishment by the townfolk has been denied, however no-one's denied that a gallows is being constructed in Fleet Sreet this evening to take care of especially sneaky councillors.

Swindon Centric Says ; Under arm or over arm Mr Mayor?

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