Thursday, February 01, 2007

We Don't Like To Blow Our Own Horn, But, PARRRRRPA!

As Sherlock Holmes would say, '' just as I suspected'', that's the view being taken by us at Swindon Centric after the town's Borough Council announced it was to be privatising it's backroom staff.

The pat on our back we've been giving ourselves all afternoon, despite the advice of our chiropractor, was due to us originally reporting this story back in November last year.

We don't like to say, we told you so, so we won't say it.

We look forward to launching a self-updating business ticker on the site soon to constantly update you on the Swindon Borough Council PLC's share price as soon as the local authority is floated on the London Stock Exchange.

Swindon Centric Says; Where's my broker's number?

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