Friday, February 16, 2007

Bath Pulls It's Own Swindon Sized Plug ; Town Goes For Cheaper Shower

With rumour and counter-rumour swirling around the town this weekend that the University Of Bath's Coate Campus and housebuilding plan is clinically dead, the Swindon Centric Blog is cutting through the fog and bringing you the crystal clear facts.

Enough of the descriptive words and here's what we know.

Swindon doesn't have enough drinking water to meet the needs of the University of Bath's Bath, we mean to meet Bath University's needs. As a result the University executive voted to put the Swindon Campus plan on hold.

Essentially the Coate plan is as dead and as dry as a cracked bath tub dumped in an alleyway.

But we understand this evening that the Borough Council is pushing plans through to build the University Of Warwick's Shower somewhere out near Junction 16.

Further rumour that construction work has already begun near the Motorola building of Oxford Brookes University's bidet is entirely unconfirmed, Thames Water didn't comment except to say any such facility would require by law a water meter.

Swindon Centric Says ; University Of Swindon IN BATH! Lets get them back! Who's with us?

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