Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Public Health Alert Issued As Slow News Day Loses Pace

Swindon is currently suffering a lack of news-able news stories, leading to media outlets in the town attempting to talk-up what little 'news' (if the Trades Descriptions Act can allow them to call it that) they have.

'' This has to be the thin end of the wedge in terms of media content'', said Derek Russet a media analyst for Fluffy News Media Group, based at Rivermead.

Other commentators have gone further and suggested that news stories over the coming week could include ;

- The scandal of late buses.

- Outrage over the rise in the price of Greggs sausage rolls.

and maybe even ;

- Cats stuck up trees.

  • Some news of this type has already started to spread around the town, an example here.

  • Swindon Centric Says ; Light and frothy, just like the top of a cappucino.

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