Saturday, July 21, 2007

Swindon Does Titanic ; A Town Cut Off

The heavy rain may have stopped and some roads have opened, but the rain of yesterday is still causing major disruption.

- First Great Western began service on the core route between Paddington and Bristol, but no service will run between Swindon and Cheltenham until next week. Even though a very basic service has restarted, FGW has told passengers not to travel due to overcrowding with people trying to get home.

- FGW also cannot offer a bus replacement on those flooded routes, due to flooded roads.

- Most of those 'A' roads that closed yesterday have had their tarmac surface washed away. This includes the A420, and Northbound on the A419.

- The Environment Agency has issued a flood warning to Rodbourne, the River Ray is at risk of flooding.

- 25 people were rescued from a caravan park near Cricklade.

- Swindon received a month's rainfall in six hours on Saturday, reported forecaster Richard Angwin on BBC Points West.

- Personnel from RAF Lyneham helped nearby residents who had been flooded.

Swindon Centric Says ; Is the water going down anywhere?

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