Friday, July 06, 2007

Swindon Scum To Be Cleaned, Except That Family That The Police Are Too Scared Of

A new police chief in town today promised to clean up Swindon's long-term crime. Chief O'Hara, formerly experienced in dealing with hardened criminals and downright nasty villians.

'' Its clear to me that my arrival marks a new chapter in Swindon's law-enforcement, if that's not big headed a thing to say. This town needs cleaning up and I reckon I'm the best man to do it.'' That quote from Chief O'Hara today as he spoke at an introductory press conference at the Gablecross police HQ.

Rumours have been flying round town this evening that when questioned off camera whether it included dealing with the Pimineto family of Gloucester Road, Westlea, who are believed to be responsible for four out of every ten crimes in the town, O'Hara is thought to have blown air out through his teeth and commented that he still wanted to have full free use of his kneecaps.

That'd be a no then.

Swindon Centric Says ; Perhaps we'll ring Batman, O'Hara tends to operate better when him and the Boy Wonder is around.

Holy Hot-Dog Batman!

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