Tuesday, January 08, 2008

No 'News' In Today's Papers, Residents Not At All Surprised.

The remote possibility that a pub may be haunted, backed up by some 'evidence' in the form of dubious camera phone footage, has taken the place of any real news today.

No-one is particularly surprised. But what is inexcusable is the lack of coverage of those stories that really matter to the town as proper local news. As Komadori rightly pointed out, the Council is to discuss tonight the proposed replacement to the Tented Market at the corner of Commercial Road and Farnsby Street. The replacement is another faceless, 'could be anywhere' set of retail units. When did the word 'building' get replaced by the sterile, uninspiring word 'unit' in planning parlance?

Lets hope planning officers take on board the definition 'landmark' and tell the designers to try harder. Same for the town's news coverage. Start by looking up the word 'news'.

Swindon Centric Says ; If the proposed design is approved then the impact of residents sense on that area will be unchanged. Its sure to be the case that people will give directions to drivers as "where the tented market used to be". What stands out about the 'units' design?

Write in and tell us and you could win a free copy of artist's impressions.

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