Friday, January 11, 2008

Self-Inflicted Ignorance

A man from Liden has made the news with his demands for an extra wheelie bin for his family of five.

Frank Stevens says it has been three months since he asked them for an extra black wheelie bin. The council claim a visit to his home, by a waste warden, to assess the situation was met with no answer and left a card, asking him to ring to make another appointment. Mr Stevens claims they produce between five and seven bags of rubbish a week, which is more than a bag of waste per person, per week.

No mention is made of whether he makes use of his recycling box or plastic bottle collection. May we assume he's putting everything inside the black sacks, recyclables and all?

May we inform him that, as a Borough Council resident, he is entitled to a free, second recycling box. If that isn't enough, you can buy extra ones at £4 from the Waterside Park depot.

No mention is made of whether he has a compost bin, once again, you can buy these for £8.

Swindon Centric Says ; Since the photograph of Mr Stevens shows, what looks like cardboard sticking out of one of the bags, there really isn't much PRIDE (the policy of his employer, Nationwide) in his approach to being responsible for his own rubbish.

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