Friday, May 02, 2008

War Enactment Catches Town Off-Guard

A second world war re-enactment has taken most of central Swindon by surprise today, according to reports. The Swindon branch of the National Conflict Enactment Society today launched a whole four days of mock action in the Farringdon Road area during their May Day Weekend event.

Local residents were woken loudly at 6.03 this morning by the sound of air raid sirens brought into the GWR Park, many later found that their gas had been disrupted after the severing of pipes by a group of fourteen pensioners, dressed in period costume, digging a replica trench in the park. Following the small explosion, caused by the build up of gas (which experts nearby claimed sounded just like a 1940 road mine detonating), engineers worked quickly to restore supplies.

Roger Broadhurst, of Old Town, who was taking part in the exercise said that the borough council had been informed of the events and activities weeks ago, but clearly had forgotten what was planned.

The interview was cut short as he and the rest of the volunteers formed a human chain across Park Avenue to stop several Thamesdown and Stagecoach buses, which were then commandeered for a mock evacuation of local school children to the nearby countryside.

Traffic was further disrupted this evening as the society began cutting down lamp posts and traffic light poles for tomorrow's main event, the smelting down of the material and the construction of a spitfire in the park. The event starts at 8am tomorrow morning and all wanting to take part are advised to bring their own flying goggles, white scarf and oxyacetylene torch.

Swindon Centric Says ; Unscheduled air raids are tipped for tonight, all those in town, best to sleep with a colander on your head for safety.

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