Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Full Coverage Of Smoking Ban Story Doesn't Reach Whole Town

The Adver ran a story recently about how traditional pubs were under threat and could disappear entirely as a result of the smoking ban. However, nothing was said about other drinking establishments, namely more modern bars.

Considering how often the recycled story about 'binge drinkers making the town centre a no-go area' is used, not a squeak was heard from, or reported on, the Bridge Street area of town and the effect on places there. Comments from those who run traditional pubs was included though, two in fact.

Swindon Centric Says ; Impartial reporting needs to show us what's happening in all drinking places, not just traditional pubs. Just because somewhere is described as a 'traditional pub' it doesn't mean that it's patrons drink any more responsibly than anyone who frequents a modern bar in Bridge Street. Impartiality, impartiality and impartiality.

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