Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Market Saga Continues, Crossroads Like

The replacement for the closed Tented Market in the town centre has been rejected yet again by the council planning committee.

The latest version submitted for approval looked better than the last, but was still not defining the word 'landmark' in it's fullest sense. Despite the recommendation of planning officers to grant the scheme approval, members of the committee thought different thank goodness. The current artists impression shows the market replacement showing it's best side facing backwards to the one way traffic system, meaning the majority of people would see the least attractive side of the building approaching from Farnsby Street. There doesn't seem to have been much attention to detail in the latest version.

Swindon Centric Says ; We're pleased that a decent standard of build for this part of the town centre redevelopment is being upheld. But it's disconcerting how long one, relatively small part of the whole regeneration masterplan is taking. Swindon Borough Council better speed up it's dealings on this major part of it's remit.

Once again, where in the world is the New Swindon Company in this Crossroads saga? Been sent out for a bag of sugar anf never seen again?

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