Sunday, June 20, 2010

Council Bus Bingo Service Cuts... Grab Your Dabber

901 The Copse/Groundwell Park & Ride.
12 Priory Vale Express.

54 West Swindon routing.

1 Covingham and Eldene (renamed number 2, reduced frequency)

Will the buses below soon be added to the above list of withdrawals and cutbacks of buses in Swindon?

15 23 V bus 73 74 75

Swindon's recent record on buses isn't a happy one. A combination of house builders support money coming to an end, and a £100,000 cutback in the Swindon Borough council transport budget for subsidies will see the above services severely effected.

Any resemblance to a coherent public transport policy hasn't been the case for a while now. With reelected councillors pontificating on bus cuts, but without knowledge of the industry, or the laws shaping it, knowledge is thin on the ground bus-wise in the Council. It appears the ruling party have yet to get over the very 80s and 90s habit of pandering to motorists for votes.

Swindon Centric Says ; Perhaps Swindon/Wiltshire should launch it's own Passenger Transport Executive, but fill the board with a majority of passengers (each of different demographics, students, OAPs, workers, etc), Thamesdown Transport, Stagecoach in Swindon, First Great Western and a highly knowledgeable transport officer from Swindon Borough Council. But not a councillor in sight.

PS Swindon Centric understands that Thamesdown are planning on releasing a summary leaflet of the changes soon, with the new timetable and greater details from the 1st of July, with the changes being implemented from Sunday 25th of July.

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