Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Council Steps Up & Confirms Mechanics Work

Repair work on making the Mechanics' Institute safe has been confirmed by Swindon Borough Council.

Chances are you may have missed this news, but it's in the latest issue of Swindon News that Swindon Centric posted about yesterday (Scroll down on the link and you'll find it on the sixth page).

The work has been ordered by the council to make the building safe and money (in the form of a grant of £200,000 from English Heritage) spent will be claimed back from the owner.

Swindon Centric Says ; Will the work be carried out by Swindon Commercial Services or will the council bring in another contractor?

P.S. Swindon Centric spotted the current owner of the Mechanics' Institute, standing on the corner of Emlyn Square and London Street a few days ago, pensively listening on his phone. Seems that the time for talking is over.

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