Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Guess Who?

With Swindon Borough Council CEO Gavin Jones leaving the post in January, the question now is, who will succeed him?

Will it be someone parachuted in from outside, or will SBC promote one of their own (a head of a board, or commissioner?).

One thing is certain, the 'rebuilding' of SBC that Jones is said to have oversaw (which also saw the privatisation of Swindon Commercial Services, and then, the un-privatisation of SCS, bringing it back into SBC before the paint was dry on the new logos, to save money, then bits of Capita that were brought back in-house by SBC, and, of course, the massively successful vanishing of £400,000 in the failed wi-fi Digital City project) will be ready for the the new boss to oversee the dismantling of SBC with it's proposed parish plan.

So who will it be?

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