Friday, October 16, 2015

Poverty Stalks Swindon - But We're Better Than Average

A new national report on poverty deprivation shows the following summary details about Swindon :

  • Swindon has less poverty than the national average.

  • Relative poverty levels haven't changed much since 2010.

  • The most deprived area in Swindon is Penhill and Upper Stratton ward.

  • Swindon's relative poverty is most severe in the areas of education, skills and training.

All of this can be addressed in one fell swoop with a University of Swindon (or a a substantial regional partnership campus for another name).

Swindon Borough Council is trying to make it happen.

We need an all-out effort by everyone, SBC, MPs, heads of business, teachers and lecturers and the people of Swindon.

The Conservatives seem be rebranding themselves 'blue collar tories', maybe a populace with low levels of education, skills and training is easier politically to manage than that of the alternative?

Any population with low levels of education, skills and training will be better to handle from a politicians point of view, an educated town is a powerful town with informed residents who will challenge it's councillors and MPs.

Now that really would be a town of salubrious et industria.

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