Thursday, September 06, 2007

Town's Letter-Writers Shocked At Change In Unoffical Rules

The regular writers to the letters page of the Swindon Beaver Herald have been shocked (shocked to the same degree a character in Midsomer Murders would be if they admitted on the village green that the cake they baked for the cricket match was bought from Somerfields) at the publication of a letter breaking their 'unwritten rules'.

Mr James Anderson, of Mountford Crescent, Nythe, wrote a letter about the phasing of traffic lights at the junction of Farnsby Street and Farringdon Road, breaking some ancient rules which all those submitting to the page adhere to.

" Everyone knows the subjects of the letters have to be limited to moaning about recycling collection/council tax/young people with or without hoods/graffiti/illegal immigrants/legal immigrants/out of work mothers/out of work immigrants/out of work mothers who are immigrants/out of work former council recycling collectors who are polish single mums and have entered the country illegally." That comment from Des McArthur, of Clement Atlee Street, Okus. We have edited Mr McArthur's comments due to legal issues, space and bandwith contraints.

" How was I to know what the rules are? Since this is a letters page for people who love to write it's ironic that the rules are unwritten." That comment from a smart-alec Mr Anderson this evening.

Swindon Centric Says ; We hear Mr Anderson has sent another letter talking about the price of Cornish pasties throughout Swindon. How will the town's literary scene cope?

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