Saturday, September 08, 2007

What's The Work At Wharf Green?

With work due to start this week on the first area to be redeveloped in the much hyped New Swindon Company managed regeneration, we'd like to ask something.

Exactly what is going to be different at Wharf Green than what went before?

You'll recall there use to be a vast green area, poorly maintained that was taken up, mature trees and all and tarmaced over. Since the original plan of a climbing wall on the Brunel carpark was dropped the only real change is the big screen TV to be hung from the car park, facing down Canal Walk. In the picture above there is what looks like windmills on top of the carpark, not talked about before anywhere that we can remember.

Swindon Centric Says ; There'll be some additional flower and shrub beds, new flooring, but it's not really much? We're not trying to put a negative spin on this, it's good that work is to begin, but surely flooring and greenery are 'finishing off' that should happen once big construction work has finished?

PS The New Swindon Company website is vague about details for Wharf Green, do you know more? Let us know.

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