Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Swindon Shopping Rumours 2 ; Just The Facts Shoppers, Just The Facts

As we sort of revealed in May, Debenhams is to move from Fleming Way to the Regent Place development as the 'anchor store' for that end of town.

Ok, so we didn't say it was Debenhams, and we didn't say it was moving, but we feel in need of an exclusive news boost. But we did say where the new store site would be located.

Let's try again and see if we can redo the second part of our May story. Here goes...

In the town centre redevelopment, House Of Fraser will move out of the town. We don't mean, 'move out of town' as in go to an out-of-town location, but leave Swindon all together. They aren't taking anywhere near as much money as they expected. People in Swindon like a bargain it seems when it comes to department store shopping, or indeed shopping all together.

So there's another exclusive, but with more facts and names and stuff.

Swindon Centric Says ; If the new stores built by that chain in other places are anything to go by, Swindon might be fortunate and get a landmark building. Get your store cards ready.

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