Friday, October 26, 2007

Swindon's Under-Recognised Artists Need Say In Town Centre Redevelopment

Local artist, Ken White has finished two murals at Commonweal School of local actresses Diana Dors and Billie Piper.

He wrote Dors name below her picture, because he didn't think local children would know who she was. Piper's was left blank as Ken suggested she may want to come and sign it herself.

Swindon Centric Says ; Ken White and other local artists should be given the opportunity for huge input to the town centre redevelopment. Yes, we do have a few doing some sculptures with the felled trees from Wharf Green, but we need more. Huge murals could become Swindon's new town centre unique selling point, along with the extra shops the New Swindon Company hopes to attract. Many of us talk about the murals that were all over town decades ago, what about a programme of constant new murals, say several every year?

Is anyone from New Swindon Company reading this?

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Anonymous said...

Hi,I'm a local artist and I couldn't agree more.I've enjoyed painting the walls of Swindon but the murals are few and far between.I find it very difficult when art is not valued.I don't understand the attitude.mike York