Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Half-Empty Licensing Policy ; Coming In On A Plastic Wing & A Christian Prayer

Anyone new to Swindon looking at the town's drinking culture would be slightly bemused by some of the aspects that keep drinkers and residents safe.

Firstly there's a group of Christians calling themselves Swindon Street Pastors who have been on duty on Friday evenings to make sure any late night revellers get home safely. Secondly, Swindon Borough Council is considering introducing plastic glasses to licensed premises in an effort to cut down the chance of anyone using the glass versions of these as weapons. Its good to know that in the same meeting to discuss this a councillor said larger glasses should be considered, to make sure those ordering pints get the full head in their glass.

We could make a smart comment about bigger glasses, containing more drink making people more prone to violence, but we won't.

Swindon Centric Says ; Congratulations to the Pastors, actually doing something to help the community. Why doesn't the council and Wiltshire Constabulary fund a group of wardens like this, or get more Community Support Officers, or police Officers to do this job? Plus, are we to assume that Swindon's Council hasn't forced any premises to use plastic glasses to reduce risk?

These plastic alternatives have been around for years, why is the Council only just thinking about using them now?

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