Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Self-Serving Story Makes Front Page ; Town Takes No Notice

The retirement of Mary Masterson from the Swindon Beaver Herald today caused the paper to publish the story, in not just a vanity exercise, but as a convenient opportunity to fill otherwise blank column inches as well.

" Mary has worked as a picture editor at the Beaver since 1939 and has seen many changes, not least the introduction of the computer, the internet and instant coffee." That insightful insight from the editor of the Swindon Beaver Herald Perry White.

The article also included details of what Masterson plans on doing once she leaves, how many grandchildren she has and a recreation of her pose for the sleazy local rag's first page 3 girl feature back in 1963.

Swindon Centric Says ; The Beaver Herald has half a dozen other staff due for retirement in the next few months, we understand each of these to be expanded to a 20 page tribute, with news, sport and weather shoved to one paragraph on the back page.

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