Saturday, October 06, 2007

Anyone Found Any News? No Story Terror Hits Town!

Trawling our town for news can be quite a boring job, especially when you find stories that aren't actually stories.

The Swindon Coalition Of Disabled People has blamed the London 2012 Olympics for diverting money they 'expected' to be given to them for this year. Having been funded for the past six years, they were surprised not to get their funding this year and be told they do not benefit the whole community.

A few things spring to mind. The lottery changes and redefines it's criteria for donating money all the time, this is not anything new. They do not benefit the whole community, but do benefit a minority of disabled people, but do not meet the new criteria.

Plus, the money for the Olympics which is coming from the lottery, is from specific Olympic scratchcards and a new draw to be held nearer the time. This is explained here. Any money that is being diverted is coming from sports across the country and not from main lottery 'good causes'.

Swindon Centric Says ; Of course it's a shame that the Swindon Coalition Of Disabled People will not get their funding, but they could try fundraising or sponsorship like many other groups and community organisations have to. We wonder how much this story might have been spun to sound more interesting than it actually is?

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