Thursday, March 01, 2007

Bath Uni Plans Thrown Out By Swindon's Yellow Ducky

In a shocking and dare we say unique move, the attempt by the University Of Bath (which Swindon Centric reported earlier last month) has been officially rejected. The Bath University did have a plan with housebuilders for a Swindon Campus at the Coate Water site, but they hadn't considered Swindon's duck population.

A sit in protest was staged by the residents of the Coate Water Country Park lakes. Their forces were strengthened by allied troops of Swans and even Canadian Geese (currently on holiday) who joined the 24 hour operation which certainly sealed the fate of the Uni plan for the town.

The developers say they are 'bullish' on the opportunity to construct a campus with another education organisation.

Protesters say that the Coate area is an 'all duck' community and that the introduction of any bulls, of any kind, could upset the social balance of the area.

Joint duck and police patrols were walking and waddling the streets of Coate last night in an attempt to keep the peace.

The Swindon Centric Blog Says : If we don't fight them in the Bath, then we'll have to fight them in the shower!


Andrew said...

This brings a new meaning to the phrase getting all your ducks in a row!

mockney said...

I think the University Of Bath's response was ''well if you don't like duck you're rather stuck''