Friday, March 02, 2007

Old Town Tunnels Hired By Bond Villian

With the discovery this week of tunnels and caverns running all under the streets and cellars of Old Town, Swindon Centric has got an EXCLUSIVE break on this curious story.

The long rumoured tunnels were used to smuggle illegal spirits around the town out of sight of the excise men during the 18th Century. But a new use has been found for these historic and eerie places we can reveal.

A letting company in the town has leased out several of the larger tunnels to a man know only as Doctor Blofeld. He didn't tell the letting agent exactly what his intentions for the spaces were, but several Old Town residents and late night revellers have reported seeing dozens of jumpsuit clad extras entering the tunnel complex through a fake electricity substation on the corner of Cricklade Road, atop which a smug looking long-haired white cat sits.

Swindon Centric Says ; We've been expecting you Mr Blofeld.

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