Saturday, March 31, 2007

Local Politics Resembles Dung-Heap ; Good Feed For Roses

As the local elections near, Swindon Centric isn't the only place to have become chocked with the literature of prospective councillors, all jockeying for our vote, as our web-colleagues at komadori's green corner have also found out.

We don't mind the leaflets, that's what happens at election time. This is the wonderful system that exists that allows any Tom, Dick or Harry to try and persuade us to vote for them.

What we do object to is a certain party (who shall remain nameless for now, if they continue to nark us off we'll name and shame them), who claim not only what they have achieved, but also what they haven't! They list a number of problems which they would have sorted out (these are the reasons to vote for them that they're putting across).

We have a problem with that.

If the party who distributed the leaflet are also the party in overall control of the Borough Council, how can you list stuff that you HAVEN'T done as reasons to vote for you? And when the things you haven't dealt with are graffiti and antisocial behaviour (not huge, how-do-we-land-on-the-moon conundrums), it does make you look rather ineffective. Or worse, assume that the electorate are gullible.

The Swindon Centric Blog Says ; It's said that local politics is where it's all decided. In which case, if you've had a couple of years to sort out a problem, don't campaign on the same things again and assume we've forgotten that if you haven't fixed them this time you will after May 3rd!

Its like saying to your employees, when you run the company and you're family own it ; '' Sorry we couldn't fix something, but we will next week, even though I've had a couple of years to fix it!'' Come on! If you're gonna shove dung through our doors, make sure it has a slight whiff of truthiness!

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