Friday, March 23, 2007

Husband's Ransom Not Worth It ; Wife Goes To Nail Bar

A drama was played out today in the city (ok, town) with a thousand stories ; Swindon. A local woman came home from her part-time job at Marks & Spencer to discover her husband had been kidnapped.

'' I came home about one o'clock and expected to find Steve in the garden, he was due to pot up some nasturtiums ready for the warm weather. I opened the patio door and found compost scattered all over the flagstones and a ransom note weighed down with the trowel.'' That dramatic account by Claire Whitaker, 36, of York Close, St Andrews Ridge.

Once she informed the police and after conversations with her mother and best friend Nat who lives several doors down, Mrs Whitaker decided the fifty pounds ransom being asked was far too high for her lazy, unfaithful, passive agressive husband and rang the number on the note to refuse to pay the demand.

Mrs Whitaker further added, '' he really isn't worth fifty quid.''

An unnamed source revealed Mrs Whitaker had coped with the stress of the situation by going to a local nail bar for a manicure and joining friends at the Outlet Village for some moderate to heavy designer discount shopping.

Swindon Centric and This Reporter Says ; Wanted Dead Or Alive? She Doesn't Want Him At All!

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