Sunday, August 14, 2011

Does Swindon Need To Follow Twitter?

Twitter has become the latest tool in communicating news and reaction to the news. But the revolution in communication is passing some of Swindon's most prominent names by.

Swindon Borough Council has a small collection of twitter accounts, but are infrequently used.

The regeneration arm of the Borough Council, Forward Swindon, had a twitter account that was updated up until around a year ago, but the trace of which isn't anywhere on their revamped website.

Thamesdown Transport and Stagecoach don't have twitter accounts, which compares to the excellent use of the service by First Great Western.

The praise for the best twitter account goes to Swindon Borough Council's Local Studies & Family History section, always diverting and intriguing.

Swindon Centric Says ; Are companies and organisations in Swindon missing a huge trick by ignoring social media and thinking that it'll just go away?

UPDATE : Thanks to the Wyvern Theatre for letting Swindon Centric know about their excellent Twitter account, to be found at @ WyvernTheatre or by clicking here.

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