Monday, August 01, 2011

Perkins Pre-Election Political Posture Pure Pomp & Puffery

The allegation of bad conduct by the former leader of the Labour Group in Swindon has been dropped by Councillor Perkins, the Deputy Leader of Swindon Borough Council.

The allegation related to the release of a document about the Mechanics' Institute, for which basis was paper-thin at best. Since the document with the details which some deemed confidential, was discussed at a council meeting that members of the public attended and the document was available for them, the situation took on a farcical theme.

A further enhancement to the sitcom-like premise, was the threat to the Swindon Advertiser not to run the story, which they were tipped-off about by the ruling Conservative Group itself.

Swindon Centric Says ; The cherry on top of this act is the quote the Swindon Advertiser have from Councillor Perkins, "No hard feelings - that's politics." A rather groundless allegation, mixed with double-talk and topped off with a non-sensical decoration.

The unexpected scene after the long roll of the credits in this story is... Swindon will have full local council elections next year, with every single council seat up for grabs.

But that's just politics, isn't it?

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