Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Locarno Merry Dance May Be Over Soon

The will to prevent the former Corn Exchange and Locarno in Old Town from slipping down the abyss of Mechanics'-derelict proportions seems to have gained a few more footholds in recent weeks.

A meeting between the council and the developer will happen on Tuesday of next week (9th) to whittle-down a set of options to a few that suit both parties that can then form the bulk of a new planning application and get something done.

The scale of the saga on the Locarno is similar to that of the Mechanics' Institute, except the threat of demolition has come sooner, after the owner and developer rightly lost patience with the council.

Swindon Centric Says ; It's almost surprising how quickly things can move when the will is there to get things done. Let's hope next Tuesday marks the beginning of the end for the pontificating about the Locarno.

The site of the owner and developer can be found here, a wealth of information.

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