Sunday, August 07, 2011

Swindon's Opinions Incinerated With Lack Of Light

Proposals to dot Swindon with a set of high-tech waste-to-energy plants has raised far more questions than answers.

The most concerned are the residents of Oakhurst, who have been informed that the Tadpole Farm housing plan contains a proposal to build such a facility. So you'd expect a flurry of public exhibitions, an open dialogue with community groups and residents?

But this is Swindon and we have to do everything differently, from diesel hydraulic engines, to wireless internet, to local government accountability and engagement.

The technology is rather involved to go into, but is a tremendous step-up from a crude rubbish incinerator, through a process called pyrolysis.

Some have questions about the tech involved, but most concerning is the attitude of 'don't worry, we know best' being released into the atmosphere from Swindon Borough Council.

Swindon Centric Says ; Rod Bluh, do not make this into Wi-Fi Mark II, start publicising this plan to residents now, all over town, start a conversation, if you want to take Swindon into the future, you'd better take the residents there too.

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Anonymous said...

This isn't pyrolysis.

It's name is gasification and it only uses pyrolysis to break down plastics etc into hydrocarbons that then can be burnt as fuel.

True pyrolysis would be heating plastics, rubber etc to only a few hundred degrees so that the materials break down into their original components.
these can then be stored and resused to remake plastic rubber again.
It would make sense to have small pyrolysis plants at sites where recycled plastic is stored.
That way baling and transport of plastic bales wouldn't be neccessary and tankers could transport the liquids that result from proper pyrolysis.

Some pyrolysis may occur inside a Gasification plant but the results are then burned as extra fuel.
That is not carbon friendly and basically it means the plants are rubbish incinerators and nothing else.
Burning Rubbish is a lousy solution and so NOT green.

Warwick University have a true pyrolysis solution. If SBC are serious they should invest in the future and work with Warwick Uni.