Monday, August 01, 2011

Honda - The Power of Nightmares & The Foolhardy Turbine Fear Factor

The issue of Honda being allowed to install turbines at it's South Marston plant seems to become a cloak with which to wear late at night and stalk the dreams of the local populace, if the words of some are to be taken at face value.

For the leader of Swindon Borough Council to state (and others jumped onto the runaway carriage too), or allow himself to be interviewed into a corner and come out with the statement that the Council does not have an economic plan in the case that Honda leave Swindon is either a slippery piece of political sabre-rattling or a schoolboy error.

One side shows it could be a clever piece of politicking, as the planning committee meeting decision on the turbines has been rescheduled after a record 496 people attended the meeting, the decision has yet to be taken.

However, most of the ticks seem to be in the 'error' column.

The recent Coate Water decision seems to show that the Planning Committee has 'gone rogue' (as the recommendations from officers weren't taken into account), therefore any political opinion proffered seems to be pointless in the final decision of the committee.

Then there was the news/PR blitz that happened in the days after, first that Honda's vehicles are the UK's most reliable.

Then the massive broadside that Honda will be building two new models, both in Swindon.

And the last deadly blast from the dead-wrong cannon, that Honda made, despite the impact of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami (and 88% less in it's first quarter profits), £248 million, it raised it's full-year earnings forecast by 35%.

Swindon Centric Says ; So, short of Honda repainting the roof of it's plant with the slogan, 'Honda Loves Swindon' (though the award-winning ad campaign, shown above, extolling the virtues of the day-to-day routine when the plant reopened was near-enough), there seems little prospect of the manufacturer leaving the town any time soon. At the other end of this, saying stupid things, or scaring people is never a trait that will win people's respect, or support.

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