Tuesday, December 26, 2006

South Pole Record Team Abandons Attempt After Not Having A Unique Enough Group Name

There's disappointment in the Covingham area of Swindon this Boxing Day after a group attempting to walk unaided to the South Pole had to turn back after finding their group didn't have the unique name they thought it did.

The team's fourteen members from the call centre department of United Industrial Blowtorches, based at Edison Road flew back into RAF Lyneham this morning, the team had only got as far as London Heathrow when the news came thorough that another group from United Industrial Blowtorches from the Huntingdon office has just reached the South Pole unaided.

'' We've been planning this for several months and to be struck with this news just as we begin is, well for workers in this industry, it's a real blow, '' that comment from Luc Craven, 26, the team coordinator who lives in Latton.

Next Boxing Day the team plan to try again, having twelve members dressed as the respective characters from the song ' The 12 Days Of Christmas' and just to make sure no-one steals their unique record, they'll walk backwards, eating Wagon Wheels and singing 'Amarillo' in Mandarin'.

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