Friday, December 15, 2006

Wrapping Paper Shortage Could Upset Kids Who Already Know What Their Presents Are

In a conspiracy that could have the size and scale of the alleged Diana plot, uncertainty and rumour surround Swindon's supply of wrapping paper for Christmas.

The whole situation came to attention when a fight broke out between two woman in WHSmith in Regent Street battling over a roll of red and green tartan patterned at noon today. As the women were dragged away by police, bystanders report hearing them shout 'that was the last roll and it was MINE!'. Stunned Friday lunchtime shoppers panicked and within 20 minutes selling out of wrapping paper was reported by Woolworths, BHS, Marks And Spencer and Boots.

A spokeswoman for Clinton Cards said they were rationing customers to one roll per transaction. After just 35 minutes the news had reached the Outlet Village and by 5 o'clock Asda Walmart at Haydon Wick had run down to its last pallet.

The Council Officer for Public Safety and Yellow Line painting, Marcus Forster-Smythe, '' We can confirm there is no wrapping paper shortage, if the people who've been buying up large quantities of paper had bought it at the normal rate there'd be plenty to go round.''

Despite the reassurance, queues developed this evening at WHSmith when a rumour flew that a delivery is expected tomorrow morning at 8am. Anyone going to line up is advised to wear warm clothing, shoes and underwear. A kevlar lined vest and shin pads are optional but would be important for your own safety.

We'll keep you updated with this story as it unwraps.

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