Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Town's Viewing Figures Show Christmas TV Was Better Before Christmas Happened

In a story that many will understand will be the truth, but may prefer to deny the fact, Swindon Centric can hit you with an exclusive.

Christmas Day TV was better before Christmas existed, that's according to a study by local group Citizens For Moral Outrage based in Stratton St Margaret.

They've found that despite good efforts by the BBC with Doctor Who (which was good, everyone at Swindon Centric agrees) and The Vicar Of Dibley (also good), TV before Christmas was just better.

They point to viewing figures comparing two Morecambe and Wise Christmas specials, the 1977 AD Christmas Special was watched by a record, for the time, of 28 million viewers. The 121 BC Pre-Christmas Special of Morecambe And Wise however had an audience of 128 million proving without any doubt that TV at this very special time of year has begun to drop off.

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