Tuesday, December 12, 2006

A Non-Driving Passer-By Says He'll Think Twice About Drink Driving After Being Told He'd Have His Name And Picture In The Paper

A man questioned in a vox-pops on Canal Walk about the pre-Christmas anti-drink driving campaign had to feign interest in the story when he was told his picture and name would appear in a local paper.

'' I was asked whether the display of a crashed car that killed it's driver would make me think twice about drink driving especially over the holiday season. When I was about to say to the young lady reporter that actually I don't drive, she told me they'd take my picture and put it in the paper. I quickly said 'yes it's pretty shocking and would make me think again' as I thought about appearing in the local rag. What a treat, my Mum will be so pleased.''

That comment from Martin Partridge, 29, a camel dung dealer from Redhouse, who's on page 4, bottom right hand corner, just underneath the advert for cheap-roll end carpet of the Swindon Beaver Herald.

Rumours, put about by us, that the paper will tomorrow run an exclusive that he's actually a non-driver and that its reporter was duped by a professional confidence trickster have been denied.

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