Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Swindon Shops Annual Christmas Business Downturn Worry 2006

In a shockingly unshocking breaking story, Swindon shops have broken their own record for saying we're not spending enough on brightly coloured tat pre-Christmas for the year.

Beating their own record by six days, several Swindon businesses issued the annual 'we should be making more money at this time before Christmas in worrying downturn in business' press release in an effort to scare people into parting with their cash.

'' Its as much a part of the pre-Christmas time as mince pies, forgetting the wrapping paper and swallowing tinsel. The business community times the issue of the annual business slowdown story very carefully to ensure it annoys as many people as possible'' , said Aaron Moneypenny, Business expert.

The CBWI , Confederation Of Big Winny Industry, hasn't ruled out issuing more pleading stories nearer the end of the following two weeks to get those cash registers ringing.

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