Monday, July 11, 2011

4 into 1 Does Go In Swindon's Roundabout Changes

What it use to look like in 1956.

The end of the 4 day public exhibition at the Oasis on the first part of the Great Western Way Highway Improvements for the Bruce Street Bridges junction has seen the information now available online.

The first option has the four roundabouts replaced with a main one, but with full-time signalisation (such a great nerdy word!) of the entire junction, but with an anti-clockwise section of the southern side.

The second option is a bigger roundabout replacing the current four and part-time signalisation (got it in again!) of parts of three of the junctions.

The second option is similar to the Bridgemead roundabout set up further along Great Western Way and appears to be the best option, in Swindon Centric's opinion. This plan would lead to Bruce Street residents having to double-back when coming out of their street, but they would gain more space that wouldn't be a main road (including a footpath and greenery) between the northern end of their street and roundabout. The other issue would be pedestrian access across the junction, no great detail is gone into, but sites for pedestrian crossings are identified. Perhaps if enough feedback is given, Swindon Borough Council will consider a footbridge for the western junction area to link the north and south of the area.

Swindon Centric Says ; Swindonian's love roundabouts and we love them even more with reduced traffic lights! Go for design two, but voice all your concerns about the design, give your views by clicking here.

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