Monday, July 04, 2011

Thamesdown Takes More Smart Ticket Steps

The charge towards smartcard ticketing for public transport is being led in Swindon by Thamesdown Transport after the operator decided to move it's concessionary travel scheme onto smartcards.

Thamesdown is going to make the concessionary travel scheme readable by it's new ticketing system in the same way it's network card works.

Swindon Centric Says ; The inter-operability aspect is key, as Thamesdown's MD, Paul Jenkins says, now when are Stagecoach Swindon going to start issuing smartcards?


Andy Parsons said...

This picture shows an Oyster card. I suppose it is too much to expect that the inter-operability will go so far as to allow the use of Oyster cards in Swindon?

mockney said...

I hear the non-executive directors on Thamesdown's board are deciding whether to put Swindon in Zone 86 or 87!

If the hardware is pretty standard, than making the whole thing work from one operator area to another is simply a question of software.

My (pre-paid credit) money is on Zone 86.