Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Honda - The Power of Dreams (And Turbines)

The decision on whether to build wind turbines at the Honda plant will be made at tonight's Planning Committee meeting.

There seem to be two main objections to the turbines, firstly the size with each being 393 feet, the second is 'shadow flicker' (not that's not a website-in-waiting that Flicker have in the event of a natural disaster!), which refers to the shadows thrown by the turbines when the sun sits behind them at a specific angle. This link explains the effect better than I can.

What none of the campaigners have said (are they aware of it?), is that Ecotricity, the company behind the plan will switch off the turbines in the event it occurs (as it says in the link).

Swindon Centric Says ; The decision is due this evening and Swindon Centric hopes it goes for Honda to be granted approval. As one person on the Swindon Advertiser comments section on this story has said "I fail to understand such opposition, Swindon biggest building (B&Q warehouse) accross the road of the proposed Windturbines site has not raised so many concerns despite the loss of an orchard, natural habitat, green field and increased HGV traffic (noise, pollution).", NIMBYism seems to have gone part-time!

... This just in...

The Council have decided to defer the decision after too many people turned up at the meeting for them to be able to fit them in the room. It would appear everything about this project is on a big scale. Details from the Swindon Advertiser here.

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