Thursday, June 28, 2007

Council Spins A Crunchy Crisps Non Story

In a move that shows, despite the standing down of Tony Blair, that at a national level spin in government announcements may be taking a backseat, at a local level, Swindon Council are leading the way at dominating the headlines by controlling the local media.

Taking up several pages in today's Swindon Beaver Herald, the number of crisps sold at Council operated cafes has been talked up by special media advisors to the point that anyone would imagine it was like the top ten rich people or back pre-internet downloads when people got excited about the Sunday top forty chart countdown.

For the record, Swindon's favourite flavour is Smoky Robinson and the Miracles Bacon and the Taw Hill area has the most upmarket crisp taste, 76% of crisp eating residents in that district prefer those posh ones that cost an extra 60p per packet, all for the added luxury of being sprinkled with sea salt.

Swindon Centric Says ; A half-baked crispy story, that really just isn't a story. Not 'Alf!

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