Friday, June 22, 2007

Local Schoolkid Achieves Slightly Above Average Task On His Own

A seven year old from the Rodbourne Road area of Swindon has made local press and even national TV (it was Channel 5, we think that counts), after he was able to polish his own school shoes without adult assistance.

'' This is a tremendous achievement, Swindon we believe provides the perfect environmental factors for nurturing children to know the ins and outs of shoe polishing on their own.'' That comment from Sarah McFooe of the local children's charity, Cotton Wool Kids.

Its expected that little Jimmy, 7 years of age from Rodbourne Road, will be competing at an inter-regional level for South-West/South champion for shoe polishing at an under 11 event.

An unnamed family source is reported to have said this lunchtime, ''we believe he can do it, but he'll have to buff up his ideas first.''

Swindon Centric Says ; What next, children able to go out on their own, back to being chimney sweeps, digging coal out for us in unsafe pits? It could be cheaper than employing immigrants to do it, they could have competition.

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