Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Council Launches Big Garden Shed-Sized Recycling Box To Store All Little Recycling Boxes Inside

In a welcome, though slightly bizzare move, Swindon Borough Council has said it will distribute a large, garden shed sized recycling box to store all wheelie bins and recycling containers inside.

Many residents have expressed concern at the space to store all refuse containers when the Borough has town-wide recycling services in July.

'' We voted to provide all residents with a big box, essentially, to store all the other boxes they'll need inside.'' That comment from Chief Recycling Officer, Martin Matryoshka of Swindon Borough Council.

Rumours that to blend in, residents can specify a original 'big' black box, or a newer, orange coloured one to match their proper size containers hasn't been confirmed, though some DIY stores are researching providing garden sheds disguised as huge, walk-in recycling boxes.

The Council refused to be drawn further, but did confirm that the super-sized boxes would be weighed down to keep them blowing down the street in windy weather with bricks and rockery stones on the lids (roofs). They did hint they would be of flatpack construction.

Swindon Centric Says ; If it only costs a fiver to buy these additional big-sized storage boxes, then people could buy half a dozen and convert them to houses!

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