Monday, June 04, 2007

Ferret Found In Town Garden ; Becomes Media Darling Due To Lazy Reporter

Commotion and non-reasoned celebrity worship hit central Swindon this lunchtime after a ferret was found in the back garden of Swindon Beaver Herald cub-reporter Jimmy Olsen.

'' I'd been at home with some really bad back ache over the weekend and as today was a slow news day, my editor, Mr J J Jameson told me to take today off as well. It was only while I was making some toast that I looked out the kitchen window and noticed a ferret looking into my wheelie bin. I grabbed my camera and snapped a few pictures, then rang my editor. What a scoop.'' That comment from Mr Olsen, of Goddard Avenue.

Ferrets are rare in Swindon, indeed most are upper class and only frequent the top end of Okus Road at Angel Ridge, it's rare according to local experts to find one this far East at this stage of the summer.

This particular ferret is named Celia and is reported to have been separating Mr Olsen's refuse into his recycling box.

Rumours that Celia is due to appear in a feature in the Swindon Beaver Herald with a tie in to the Sunshine Swindon Breakfast Show (Swindon Channel 915 on your Freeview and Sky systems) about minimising your household waste has been denied by Celia's agent, Mimi Crocker, of Crocker's Power Agents.

Swindon Centric Says ; Celia should get a book deal and some awful reality/lifestyle series on Channel 4 or BBC 2 with a pun in the title, Mary Queen Of Shops, who cares?!

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