Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Roundabouts Reinvented ; Town Stays Ahead Of The Curve

Think of Swindon dear reader and several things instantly spring to mind, the railway, the greenery and wide open spaces and of course, roundabouts.

In recent years however, the edge, or should that be, the curve, has been lost by our town, with a lowering in the number of roundabouts built.

'' Recent construction has seen circular road junctions give way to grids or traffic lights on intersections at right angles.'' That stimulating comment from council road traffic junction expert, Maurice Minor.

To add a new twist to Swindon's unique concentration of roundabouts, from midnight on Monday, all roundabouts will become anticlockwise only for the next ninety days within the Swindon Borough limits. If the scheme is deemed successful at giving Swindon's traffic circles back their kookiness, then the idea will become permanent.

Swindon Centric Says ; We need to get a webcam up on the Magic Roundabout before Monday, someone call the tech guy!

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