Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Top Ten Things Heard On Swindon's Buses Last Week ; 12

Click here for the original and still the best at this brilliant idea, here's our own version for Swindon's buses from last week.

1. No, that's the wrong end.

2. He didn't even know the way to Asda, let alone Amarillo.

3. Don't let me forget tomatoes.

4. Do you know what Nessun Dorma means?

5. Swindon's got talent; have you seen me juggle?

6. He bought me flowers, he's feeling guilty about something.

7. I get more pleasure from a sneeze than a romantic night with him.

8. This was where we nearly hit that Accord, I thought my time was up.

9. Everyone says I'm making the right choice, but people say that just to be nice don't they?

10. Just because he's got a blockbuster card, doesn't mean he's got Barry Norman sense in picking good films. Failure To Launch, I'll never get the time back I wasted watching that film.

Any suggestions for next week? Overheard a tidbit on the bus? Let us know!

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