Monday, June 11, 2007

Residents Get Militant Over Meteorologists False Claims

Town residents have got angry over the lack of rain they've been promised by Swindon weather forecasters.

Several dozen marched this lunchtime to the main Swindon Meteorological Office based at Bath Road and shouted loudly that the staff inside were all liers after this weekend's forecasts.

'' On Sunday we were led to believe there would be showers and again today, I went to work with a brolly and nothing again. They can't carry on issuing these warnings then not letting them happen. This isn't like the government trying to scare us with terror threat warnings, this is weather, the rain, vital to the functioning of the country.'' That comment from Martine St Clair of Abbey Meads.

The police had to intervene and move the protesters on after militant weather forecasters began throwing weather veins and salty seaweed out of the top floor window on the people gathered in the street.

Swindon Centric Says ; They've forecast showers for the rest of the week, will the office get burned down if it stays dry?

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