Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Boring & Vital ; Local Elections

Why should anyone bother to vote tomorrow?

They decide how your rubbish is collected, they decide where to place mobile phone masts, they ensure the lamposts work on the darkest of nights, they decide where and how to provide education provision for the town's children, they will provide you with assistance with noisy neighbours and support if you become unemployed and get into financial difficulty, they can effect local police coverage, they decide where to site community facilities, whether it's community centres or youth clubs, they decide where to site leisure centres and how to funds them, they subsidise local bus services, they provide sponsorship to local cultural events, they run our town's museums and art galleries, they sell our town's image to companies and potential new residents, they introduce traffic calming and build new crossings for pedestrians, they care for old people, disabled people and those who need help to survive because of abuse or poverty, they are the custodians of our open spaces and historic crown jewels of the town, they are overseeing the regenerated town centre and they are building the new central library.

They are there to serve the people of Swindon.

They are YOUR local councillors.

That's why you should vote tomorrow.

So, hold them to account tomorrow.

So please ; VOTE.

Swindon Centric Says ; See you at the ballot box.

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